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We are excited to be resellers of the Easy Member Neo membership platform. This platform runs on PHP, installed on your own hosted website, such as with Loyalty Hosting, and installed very easily.

One of the most common problems is that it won't connect to the licensing server. That is not an EMP problem, but one with Loyalty Hosting, or your shared hosting provider. Loyalty Hosting, as an example, provides security measures to keep your site safe from hackers & other malicious online attacks to your site. In this case, you would simply login to our Hespia control panel, hover your mouse over the Advanced tab, and click on Outgoing Connections. You'll see two lists, on the left are all the whitelisted and on the right are all the blocked. Of the blocked, you should see something that indicates it is a connection to easymemberneo. Check the box next to it & click add. Now you should be god to continue the installation of Easy Member Neo (formerly Easy Member Pro).

I was informed that the licensing system doesn't always send out a link, license or access to my customers. In this case, simply submit a ticket with your JVZoo receipt, & we'll get you access. We apologize for this extra inconvenience.

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